Futures Methods

Decision-makers have invested their attention in thinking about the present, not the future, for too long.

Understanding and anticipating plausible future is critical to making good decisions today and formulating policy ideas to prepare for them.

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Why reducing global vulnerability is paramount

Without a shift from current trends that focus vulnerability on segments of society, the impact of conflating natural hazards will overwhelm the…

Mark Crosweller

The laundering of crazy and the future of democracy

Reduction in professional journalism in the digital age allows alternative truths and paranoid theories to take hold. What this means for the future…

Elise Thomas

Partial-freedom in a protectionist economy

This article is part of the Futures Forecasting series. We’ve asked experts to identify crucial trends – from a shortlist of categories – that…

Vasabjit Banerjee

The splintering of digital democracy

As younger generations enter the digital world, they are gravitating less to the “traditional” platforms — such as Facebook — and…

James Mortensen

A path to climate consensus

Staring down the risk of mutually assured climate-destruction, and increasingly dissatisfied populations, by 2035 the world will experience a…

Richard Yetsenga

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The National Security College Futures Hub brings together diverse groups of policy and subject matter experts to translate the future into present day policy making.