Chris Zappone

Digital Foreign Editor
The Age and Sydney Morning Herald

Chris Zappone is Digital Foreign Editor at The Age and Sydney Morning Herald, where he was among the first in the media to report on the Kremlin’s efforts to interfere in the 2016 US election.

He has presented on related subjects at SXSW in the US and testified to Parliament on the political risk of social media manipulation. Chris was also an inaugural member of the National Security College’s Futures Hub in 2017.

Chris writes about the interplay between technology and politics, economics, ideology, US politics, space and the future. He also produces commentary and analysis on the broader challenges to democracy from the new information eco-system. He blogs at

Before working in international news, Chris reported on the economy and business at The Age and Sydney Morning Herald. He also contributed stories on Australia’s political and economic news for the Nikkei Asian Review and the Economist Intelligence Unit. Prior to The Age, Chris worked at CNN Money and Fortune.