The National Security College Futures Hub brings together diverse groups of policy and subject matter experts to translate the future into present day policy making.

We foster networks across the Australian and international research communities, including with leading international futures centres, such as: the US National Intelligence Council; the United Kingdom’s Development, Concepts and Doctrine Centre; and Singapore’s Centre for Strategic Futures.

We support futures analysis by linking foresighting efforts across Australia through regular collaborative workshops and networking events, connecting agencies to world-leading futures research and foresight teams, working collaboratively with agencies to support and facilitate internal futures analysis and capacity-building, and by publishing regular reports with a futures focus on specific national security issues.

Our team

Rory Medcalf

Head, National Security College

Ryan Young

Director, Methods and Research
Futures Hub

Dayle Stanley

Dayle Stanley

Director, Strategy and Engagement
Futures Hub

What we offer

Policy options forums designed to elicit insights on long-term policy challenges via deep and contested discussion amongst practitioners, academics and other experts in a trusted environment.

Scanning workshops bringing together expertise to work through a range of trends and signals to determine what they may mean for policy now.

Scenario development delivering bespoke, plausible future scenarios against which agencies and departments can test their policies and plans.

Games and other structured futures activities to stimulate creative thinking.

Specialised consulting using our significant resources of futures thinking and methodologies. We share our knowledge and experience to help build futures best practices across government.

Facilitation of reports or research leveraging our excellent access to the academic community to assist agencies connect with the people who can best address research gaps.

The Futures Hub difference

Expert Staff

Futures Hub staff are highly accomplished national security and policy practitioners, drawn from a variety of backgrounds and agencies.


As part of the ANU, the Futures Hub has latitude to explore concepts without being bound by policy and funding cycles. And since our staff are drawn from government, we know what is relevant to policy makers.


The Futures Hub collaborates widely and maintains a wide network of contacts across government, academia and industry both in Australia and abroad through our Futures Council and Futures Network.


Our team is actively adopting and developing new ways of generating powerful insights about the future and integrating them into policy thinking today.


Our secure facilities and staff clearances allow for a high degree of freedom to discuss sensitive issues in a trusted environment.

Futures Methods

Decision-makers have invested their attention in thinking about the present, not the future, for too long.

Understanding and anticipating plausible future is critical to making good decisions today and formulating policy ideas to prepare for them.